Fish Marketing Centre

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a modern Building for Fish Marketing and has been granted permission to operate as a point of first sale since 2008.

In order to address the organisational, functional and regulatory needs of the sector, after intense renovation work on the building, it has two distinct areas: in the east side, the existing building was kept within an area of 80 x 30 metres, and vendors’ modules and cold storage plant are located in a single floor. In the remaining area of 20 x 30 metres, the existing structure was replaced by a two-storey building with a metallic structure, which has a cafeteria, restrooms, offices and a receiving storage for fisheries coming from trucks. On the second floor, fourteen offices occupying 517 square meters are distributed.

Refrigeration, water and power facilities in the building were also improved. The inner site development was conducted and loading docks and the roof of the premises were carried out.

The building has a total of 16 sale stalls for fresh and frozen fish, currently reaching 60% occupancy. The Port Authority is responsible for issuing authorisations to companies interested in the marketing of fish, while management and coordination of the facilities is the EULEN S.A. responsibility.

Furthermore, the building has its own ice production and cold/freezing rooms with digital temperature control. It also has refrigerated rooms for fish storage and its cleaning.

The remodelling of the Building for Fish Marketing required a total investment of more than EUR 3 million and was 50% subsidised with European funds from the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (I.F.O.P.).