The “Get to Know Our Port” educational programme is a pioneering initiative in Spain that Ports of Tenerife has been running since 1990 so that students from any school from primary through to A-level can get a first-hand look at how the Port and port facilities work, and into the activities that are carried out in them.

Through a guided tour, and equipped with a student’s book and workbook, the pupils discover the link between Man and the ocean, as well as the studies and careers related to the sea and the port. They see where vessels and goods enter and leave the port, and they are instilled with tolerance, and respect for and conservation of our coastline and heritage.

The aim of the programme is to open up the sea to school children, the future population of the island, so they do not turn their back on the ocean and gain a broader vision of the history of Tenerife and the other islands in the archipelago, which are tied inexorably to the sea and which have had a deep-rooted seafaring tradition since the 15th century, and also learn to understand the current reality of the island.

Those participating in the programme can also engage in research work, poems, photos, writing and drawing. In June, the Port Authority awards prizes to the best pieces of work in the last two categories.


The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, through its “Get to Know Our Port” programme invites school children to a guided tour of its port facilities so students in Tenerife can understand the importance ports have had and still have today in the development of the islands.

Schools interested in visiting the port should fill in the application form on this page and return it by e-mail or fax, before 31st October.
Visits take place in the morning from Tuesday to Friday for years:
- 11 year olds: First and third terms.
- 13, 14 and 15 year olds: -16 and 17 year olds: Second term.
To ensure this educational experience (on dry land) runs smoothly, we suggest the following:

- To encourage student motivation about the trip, the best pieces of writing and drawing will be rewarded with boat trips, a commemorative plaque and a diploma. The student’s school will also be given a plaque.
- The maximum number of places in each visit will depend on the capacity of the bus.
- The vehicle used to go around the port facilities will be the one used to bring teachers and students from their school. As the bus becomes the classroom, this should be equipped with a microphone.
- The teacher-coordinator will be picked up opposite the Port Board building on Avenida Francisco La Roche, 49

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