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Construction of the final phase of the extension of the East Dock

The works for the project basically consist on constructing a docking line of aproximately 370 m of length and 16 m of draught that starts off at the last caisson of Phase I, following an alignment practically parallel to the current dock of the East Container Terminal.

The alignment line is made up of 1 caisson which is 33.75 m long, 9 caissons 31.10 m long and 2 caissons of 22.60 m in length all cemented at the -16.0 m level.

All the caissons crown at a +4.2 m level, therefore the typical caisson presents a draught of 20.2 m. The superstructure crowns at a level of +5.50 m in the escarpment area.

The caissons are joined to the East Dock by a submerged concrete closure.

The caisson foundation is done over a bedding of a minimum 4 m in thickness, made up of a quarry run nucleous protected on the docking side by a 2t rockfill with a 100-200 kg filter. The caissons rest on 25-50 kg of rockfill which had been levelled with 70-100 mm of gravel.

In the chosen construction project, the caissons lessen the possible reflection in the interior of the dock through a reflection buffering system, studied with a mathematical model by the Group of Ports and Coasts of the University of Granada, which basically consists of antireflection chambers (Jarlan dock) that ocuppy the first two lines of cells of the caisson on the dock side, intercomunicated by three slots per wall.

The superstructure of the caissons adapts to the antireflection system of the caissons. This way , the capping beam is 1.30 m thick and beside it a concrete slab is laid. This slab is 3.825 m wide and 0.50 m thick, it closes the second cell of the caissons and also belongs to the antireflection system. In the defense area, there are skirts which are 0.5 m thick and 2.55 m long from the +4.20 m level until the +3.0 m levelso they can be held correctly.

The electricity and water pipes are placed in the superstructure with access chambers in all the caissons. At the same time these pipes are connected with the nearest access chambers in the El Bufadero Dock.

This project had ERDF funding.

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