Port Inspection Centre

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a new Port Inspection Centre since 2009. This new facility, centralises all services associated with border inspection points that were previously scattered across those premises.
The facility includes services such as SOIVRE (Official Service for Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports), Customs and Foreign Health, Animal and Plant Health. These organizations are involved in the goods inspection at the Port of Tenerife which, since the centre was designed, have shown their participation and need for this infrastructure.
This project is the result of the work jointly conducted between the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and representatives from each of these organisations with the purpose of bringing all inspection services together in a strategic location of the capital’s port. In this way, customs formalities have been accelerated and therefore also the goods traffic, by reducing the costs associated with and service quality optimizing, which in turn has led to a higher volume of traffic.
The building has two stories and a total floor area of 4,655 square metres with a useful area of 3,337 square metres and is located on a site of 7,244 square metres at Cueva Bermeja. In its category, it is one of the biggest and most modern building in the country.


For any doubt or claim
Centre telephone: +34 922 597 878
Contact person: Francisco Marrero
Service provider: Docks Logistics Spain SA