The Tenerife Free Trade Zone (ZFT) and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Tenerife (JET) have met these days for the purpose of exchanging information, experience and needs to boost employability of entrepreneurs and members of that association with the tax benefits this state-run enterprise offers.

The Regional Delegate of Economy of the Tenerife Free Trade Zone, the vice-president of the association and two members of the new directive of JET, Azucena Solano and Luca Mossini, attended the meeting at the headquarters of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife where they agreed to foster closer relations between the two entities to provide entrepreneurs of Tenerife with the tools and the necessary knowledge for the possible establishment of their business in the ZFT.

This is the first time ZFT meets with the new directive of this association consisting of around a hundred partners who develop themselves professionally in different work fields, whose development projects may be implemented in the ZFT.