Heavy Goods Traffic Management

People and vehicle access control to the port area

Sistraport (port traffic planning and management system)

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is undoubtedly a fundamental and necessary element for the island economy. In order for the port to be at the forefront of our economic development, it is a basic need to continuous improving its facilities, service capacities and control activities.

The inter-island, domestic and international maritime traffic of goods and passengers has been growing steadily over the years. In line with this growth, the land traffic, allowing the movement of passengers and goods for imports and exports, has increased significantly.

At the same time, in response to the needs of the international, European and particularly the Spanish community, legislation and recommendations have been generated which, to a greater or lesser extent, require in some cases and suggest in others, the improvement of the planning and control regulations for the entire port area.

Due to the existing regulations and on its own conviction, the Port Authority has consequently decided to promote the necessary actions that could result in concrete measures in order to improve the guidelines regulating land traffic access and permanence within the service area of the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. To this end, the Port Authority has launched the SISTRAPORT project (PORT TRAFFIC PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM).

This Management System undertaken by the Port Authority will represent a valuable contribution to the companies authorised to operate in the port. At the same time, proper traffic management is expected to help optimise the comprehensive control of the flow of vehicles and people within the port area, while also contributing to a corporate social responsibility policy.

In order to make it easier for businesses and users to process the corresponding requests for access to the port area, the corresponding forms are attached at the end of this text. Once completed, they must be sent to the following email address: operacionesportuarias@puertosdetenerife.org