BIM (Building Information Modeling)

In the past few years, the different industries are immersed in a digital transformation, directly affecting the generation and management of information and assets. The construction and building industry does not have to be different and, for some years, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept has been introduced as a new way of carrying out projects, works and asset management.

The BIM work methodology went from being a simple 3D visual model to a methodology of managing information over the whole life of a project to improve its efficiency and whose main protagonist is the information that is created, shared and used.

The government agency Puertos del Estado has drafted a BIM Guide whose main objective, while respecting Port Authorities competences, is to be a reference document for the development of port projects within the framework of the State, and thereby promoting the development of the digitalization of the Spanish ports and collaborating to the generation of “Smart Ports”.

In order to pursue this process initiated by the government agency Puertos del Estado and thus to join the digital transformation that is taking place in many of the countries around us, the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has drafted its own BIM Guide to manage its ports under the same framework, which in turn will be the general framework of the State.

This guide should be understood as a living document, which will continue to be developed and improved as the implementation takes place and especially as our partners, both consultants and contractors, among others, are also being integrated into this new working methodology.

We hope that this document will meet its objective and be as useful as possible to all our partners.

Download the BIM Guide of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Download the BIM Guide of Puertos del Estado