Marina El Hierro

As a result of the extension works, the Port of La Estaca has been provided with an inner dock using a vertical rubble-mound breakwater. This new area will be equipped with floating pontoons and with a capacity for berthing about 216 vessels up to 15-metre long.

The rubble-mound breakwater of the inner dock, sheltered by a vertical breakwater, consists of two precast concrete caissons. The sea wall crest elevation is at +5.50 m height using a reinforced concrete mass wall.

The inner dock’s inward edges of reinforced concrete walls are bedded at -4.00 m and the capping beam is at +3.50 m (esplanade’s height).

Connected to the sea wall, there are also available a beaching ramp, a travelift pit and a dock for a crane and other for fuel.

The dock will be provided with four floating pontoons for small, sport and recreational crafts. Two of 125-metre long, one of 107 m and other of 83 m. Concrete floating pontoons for berthing will use anchor moorings and chains. The entry to pontoons will be through gangways on the dock’s edge.

The area intended for the small craft dock is about 10,100 sqm.